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I'm glad to get informed about possible bugs and to get new ideas for new features.
But please obey the following rules (it reduces a lot of work):

don't ask us about non Pol-IP specific configuration like your pppd, pppoe, masquerading, kernel compile and similar things. There's enough documentation around to do that yourself.
Include at least the following information in addition to the problem specific data: /etc/polip.conf, version of the used clients and server, distribution and version of the server system and client system, network configuration and wherever you think is relevant.
for now it is only me working on this so please be patient


I haven't figured out a way to get donations since I'm in Argentina, but I'm working on that.
Any way an email will be nice.

Who to contact:

Development bug tracker

If you detect a bug you should consider posting in the sourceforge bugtracking system.
So we'll just get it a bit faster, we can ask further questions about it and answer by mail.

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