What is Pol-IP?

Pol-IP is a complete traffic control system for a Linux NAT box with multiplataform clients. It has a user-friendly wizard to config the system in which you can add, delete or chage, clients or groups bandwith, in a hierarchical structure. The clients get clean statistics about their actual speed and assigned bandwith.

What does Pol-IP do?

Polipd runs a server application on a masquerading server. It has two basic functions, config the kernel 2.4 series traffic control functions and mantain a statistics services of the clients bandwiths on a multicast address. The multiplataforms clients get the statistics from the multicast address and display them in a progress bar.

Can I contribute?

Sure! Get an account on SourceForge. Then send your username to lstasi@hotmail.com and what you would like to change. The server and the clients have their CVS repository on sourceforge.

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